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Course Registration - WA

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Do you hold an WHS White Card?

All Owner Builders are also required to hold a White Card. If you do not already hold a White Card, you must also complete a White Card Course to be an Owner Builder in WA.

Some unregistered providers are offering online White Card Courses in WA for as little as $25. These Courses are not accredited, and the provider offering those courses are not registered. To obtain an Owner Builder Permit in WA, you will need to complete an accredited White Card Course through a Registered Training Organisation such as us.

WA Owner Builder Course ONLY
White Card + WA Owner Builder Courses COMBINED

Registration Details

NOTE: The full name of the person who is to complete this course must exactly match their name as it is listed on the relevant Property’s Title Deed.

If there is more than one owner of the relevant property, only one of those owners are required to complete this course, and that person should register their name only.

If the relevant property is in the name of a company or company trustee on behalf of a trust, then the person to complete this course needs to have a ‘prescribed interest’ in the relevant property by being a director of that company / company trustee.